Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Field Day & Go Fish!

Life lately with this kid has been bittersweet especially when it comes to the end of the school year. Field days are a sure sign that first grade for him is almost over. I don't remember having "field" days or school plays as a little kid, but what I do remember are the moments that made me happy, and that was recess, and trips to the zoo! Having recess three times a day, and that one field trip to the Brownsville zoo in Texas will be etched in my mind forever! There are so many end of year activities coming up before school ends, and for the past week school has brought a ton of smiles to this boys face. From playing tug of war, and baseball at school, to singing, and dancing in playing a little role in the mini production of "Go Fish." Such a unique, simple, and sweet little musical that was created by his music teacher Ms. Appleby. 

I love how this specific school district didn't have any bouncy houses for field day. Don't get me wrong,  bouncy houses are fun and all, but sometimes these kids need more than just a bouncy house to learn and have fun. Tug of war, and games like toss the frisbee, adding in a bit of basketball, and soccer are games that encourage these kids to involve themselves in a sport. The kids rotated playing these games for two hours, and it was a whole lot of fun. I recorded a few moments on my Insta stories, and managed to capture one shot of him tugging on the rope. He had a lot of fun playing tug of war, and the look on his face proves that he was having a blast!
Noah's music class this year has been "oceans of fun" as all the first grade classes were part of a mini musical called 'Go Fish.' I really loved the whole meaning behind it. This show was special because it reminds us to embrace our uniqueness, and to be who we are. Just like there are various fish in the ocean, so are we. We may all be of a different race, and color, but at the end of the day we are who we are, and we are not that different. I love the message behind the production. Noah had a fun time singing, and dancing in the show. You can catch a snippet of it here. Watching Noah sing, and dance brought back memories of when he had his kindergarten show last year. Bittersweetness all the way! 
I can't believe that my boy's year of first grade is almost at an end. In all honesty I hate that he is growing up too fast, but I'm learning to embrace the inevitable. He's such a fun, loving boy whose all-encompassing love is the most special thing in my life! 
And like this fish, he truly is special, and unique in his own way! 

"No two friends are ever the same. 
Each is special, it's true. 
You have something that makes you shine
There inside of you that comes through. 

The colors of the sea run together so naturally 
The colors of the sea show the beauty in you. 
And the beauty in me.
Show the beauty in you, 
And the beauty in me."

Love you Noah! 

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