Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Chelsea & Noah's Piano Recital '17

This past Sunday Noah and Chelsea had their spring piano recital, and they both gave outstanding performances. I'm so glad that we continued to stay with Ms. Nora because she truly is an amazing piano teacher. We were really impressed with her teaching methods, and after last year's performance we just knew that the 40 minute drive to south jersey will be worth it! The kids love her, and if the drive doesn't wear me out we plan on having her teach them again next school year. 

Ms. Nora has 16 students, and the variety of songs they chose to play this year were very interesting. From Disney theme songs such as Beauty and the Beast to a video game song called "Tetris?" Never heard of it, and that's probably because we don't play video games, but nonetheless everyone played really well.   
This is Noah's second year playing piano, and he has really improved. I think he got a bit nervous while playing his piece, because of Ms. Nora standing behind him. She does that to all the students just in case they lose their place in playing. It's nice to have the children memorize their piece, but Ms. Nora doesn't push that on them unless they are super confident. Every teacher is different, and I do like the way she teaches my kids, as well as her technique in how she teaches them playing piano. One thing about Noah is how perfect his posture is while playing! I love it! You can watch his video here
This year Chelsea chose to play "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables, and she did really well. She always gets a bit nervous, and there were a few pauses while she played, but at the end did a great job. She worked really hard on this piece, and practiced her heart out with it. Although she enjoys playing the piano, she still has heart on learning the cello, and I think it's about that time. I can see it on her face that she is ready for a different instrument! You can watch her play her piece here.
Bravo to all the students in giving amazing performances this year, and to Ms. Nora who is the sweetest, most patient music teacher I know! She teaches Noah, and has two grandsons his age who can't sit still so that shows how patient she is! 

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