Friday, June 30, 2017

Because Of The Temple....

No matter who we are everyone in this world goes through some type of struggle in life. I know I have. I'm 45 and I've had many struggles in all kinds of shapes, and forms. From physical, emotional, spiritual, and even temporal. Everyone's level of struggle is different, and some of us handle it in various ways. So what do I do when I come upon an issue that needs resolve, or a struggle that needs to end, I turn my heart to Heavenly Father's house. I also seek out those who are in need of service so that my mind can be taken off my own issues.
Next month will be one year of living in our new area, and it has been nice serving others in small ways. Some of these people I hardly even know. Whether it's a simple smile, or even saying hello and striking up a friendly conversation are ways that can cheer someone up. Bringing up the gospel in conversation is one way where my own light becomes bright, and I feel it throughout my soul when I do that. I love sharing my faith to those who might be interested, or are just curious. 

The other day at Noah's end of year show I sat next to a lovely lady whose son is in the same class as Noah, and when I mentioned which church I belonged to she mentioned knowing someone who is also mormon! I love that it's such a small world when it comes to my church, and even though she may not be interested that's okay. I love meeting new people in hopes that a beautiful friendship develops. That day she took away some of my lonliness for just an hour. It was so nice getting to know her, and besides seeing my son getting down (dancing) throughout the show, and because of her, my day was made. 

I'm telling you it's the little things. 

Attending the temple brings us so many blessings in life. It eases any pain we may be suffering physically, and relieves any burden that may be laying on our shoulders, and it most definitely brings peace to finding a resolve for any issues we may be having. If you know me I'm genuinely a happy person, but believe me I have my days, and moments because I am sooooo not perfect! 

And that's when it's God's turn. 
Because of this building I can feel joy again. Because of this building I can seek answers to prayers, and love unconditionally. The love that I feel upon entering the temple as well as leaving is always overwhelming for me, and in all honestly I love that feeling. I wish it could last forever, but it doesn't. We leave the House of the Lord, and life, and chaos that the world brings begins all over again. It is up to me in how I choose the way I live once I exit the temple. One thing for sure is that I always want to have a smile on my face. No matter how awful a day can get, or how terrible someones news can be including with all that's wrong in this world smiling, and having joy is something I strive to have in my life every waking day. I strive to look at the brighter side of things, and have faith in the issues that are out of my control. And leave it up to God knowing that things will work out in the end. That I'll have the strength to endure, and withstand every trial that comes my way. 
It's like Elder Joseph B.Wirthlin says, "Come what may, and love it."   

And I am certainly trying to do that! Especially when it comes to hardships!  

Have a beautiful weekend folks! 

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