Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wake Up. Explore. Repeat.

The weather has been absolutely agreeing with summer this whole week, and have been keeping our days low key lately. The past two days has consisted of somewhat doing the same routine which in all honesty is okay! Sure it's nice to be able to get away and venture to unknown territory, but sometimes cruising along highway130, and finding various parks you can venture out to can be quite the adventure. Which is why I am happy to have found Noah a t-shirt that reads "wake up. explore. repeat." Every time he wears it I am reminded that it's okay for us to repeat the same things especially during the summertime. 

I am lucky to have kids whose imaginations expand, and have some pretty cool ideas of what we can do besides staying indoors, watching television, and doing crafts. Crafts are fun, and all but sometimes it's nice to switch it up a bit. Going to a movie, the library, the playground, beach, watching an episode or two of Felicity on the tube is ok. We still have an old school tube tv, and don't have cable so yeah...we own a ton of DVD's, and we are not ashamed! 

Earlier today we had lunch at McDonalds, and went to our "mini Central Park" to swing on the swings, play velcro catch, and frisbee. I managed to capture a few moments of our day on video which you can watch once again on my Instagram Insta stories. 
I put my phone down after awhile because I was really getting into the whole frisbee thing. Then again, I don't want my phone attached to my hand the whole time when I'm with my family. Noah just won't have it! There was a "Noahism" he said to me one time, "mom, put the phone down, and pay attention to me!" These kids always have fun when they're outdoors exploring, and playing together at the park. 
Some of these pictures of Noah and Chelsea swinging reminded me of their sisters when they would always swing on the swings! 
 Noah sitting like a little froggie taking in the sunshine! 
Today proved all too well that by waking up, exploring, and repeating the things that we usually do on a daily basis is okay, and that it truly doesn't matter to these kids. Just look at the smiles on their faces!

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