Friday, July 14, 2017

Hydrangeas, More Ice Cream & A Carousel Ride!

Words cannot express how grateful I am for neighborly friends. Especially when one lives in farm central near the highway with friends that live pretty far. Having Cristy as our closest neighbor has been a blessing to both Noah and Chelsea. Chelsea would love to have a little sister, and Noah wants to go to the playground with someone close to his age. Cristy has been a blessing to our kids summer, and it's so nice to be able to take her out on some of our adventures with us. After all, summer to us means spending it entirely outdoors! 
Although this past week has been hot and muggy with yesterday reaching a high of 95 degrees that didn't stop us from letting these kids have some fun. Especially when one mentions ice cream and a carousel ride. Those two things have been really important to Noah this summer especially since they are at the top of his summer bucket list. Cristy is from Guatemala and has never really been out too much. I can tell that she is really grateful for all that we do for her. She's a shining light that lights up Noah's face, and she gets super excited every time Chelsea texts her asking her if she'd like to get out and play. They all get along as if they are related, and this whole week I have felt as if I have an extra child in my life! 

There's also something about hydrangeas that brings out the best in me! They are my absolute favorite flower, and this summer my little bush in front our house has bloomed with a few more. I wish these flowers would last all year round. I captured a few photos from our day as well as sitting in front of this hydrangea bush snapping photo after photo. If only my hydrangea bush looked as good as our neighbors! I just need to give my bush more tender loving care! 

Oh- how we love summer in this crazy heat!  
 Riding the carousel was relaxing and fun for the kids, and even for me. I also love how Noah and I have matching eyes. People are beginning to tell he's starting to look more like me! That's the biggest compliment, and I have to say I agree!
Ice cream at Gil and Bert's for the win! We love this little town, and every time we come here we gotta have that ice cream! Taking advantage because the place is seasonal!
I've said this before and I'll say it again-I absolutely love summer! Having these kids around makes it more fun, and even though Lexie was at the beach with her friends it's nice to have these two hanging around with me at least for the next decade! 
Especially this little guy! 

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