Friday, July 28, 2017

A Day At The Smith Playground In Philly!

Although the forecast called for rain on this day, I was hoping that it wouldn't, and that it would hold out until the evening, and it did! We were so lucky to have played all day at Smith Playground without getting rained on. We hadn't been here since last summer, and shame on me for not taking my son to this amazing playground more often! I will always remember the first time we came here, and how much we loved it! We love coming here, and the best part of of it is that it's free! This entire playground is filled with the best for every age, and Noah had so much fun making new friends, and just having a blast! 

I captured so many moments on camera, and there were times when I also took a break from my phone to play along with him. He met some friends after a while which he's pretty good at doing, and then he didn't need me anymore. Luckily there are other mommies, and daddies I can converse with about life, and kids and that kept me busy for the most part! Five hours at the park seemed like 5 minutes! Time went by so quick for us, and by the end of the day we were pretty exhausted. Although I think Noah still had some energy left in him!  
There are going to be more photos than words so be prepared! The fact that Noah is growing up aches my heart at times, and I want to capture more moments of this 7.5 year old on camera while he's somewhat still little! 
I seriously starved myself including Noah for five hours of play! When you're too busy playing around, and having fun doing the things you love you're not really thinking about food, but when we were done playing I felt the hunger coming on. Luckily they have water fountains, and we had our own water to drink the entire time we were there! As we were leaving I told Noah how all I had was a protein drink, and he said, "mommy, all I had was granola!" We filled our tummies with burgers from Zac's, and headed on home back to Jersey. It truly was another fun day with my boy!

Here's hoping y'all have a wonderful weekend!  

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