Monday, July 24, 2017

Church History Sites In Palmyra, New York.

For those of you who have known us for the past ten years know how much we love going to Palmyra to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant, and all the historic sites in the area. It is what makes our summer, and helps us to overcome the world. We love the peaceful feeling we receive while walking inside the sacred grove, and for once to pretend that life is absolutely perfect! It is the place where one can go to feel peace, and joy. There is no place I'd rather be than with my family while exploring this wonderful place, and to know that it all started here. 

I don't want to sound like a broken record telling the details of our trip so I'm going to sequence it in photos! I've also written past posts about the pageant here, and hereThe time spent inside the sacred grove is our favorite, and we could have stayed here all day! Our trip was super quick, but we managed to squeeze in touring all the sites for the umpteenth time in one day! It never gets old, and we always leave feeling energized, and just plain happy! 
 When in Palmyra there are so many places to eat, but we have decided that every time we come here we are going to have white pizza at Mark's pizzeria for lunch.
 ...and kiddie sized cones (yes, those are kiddie size!) at the chill and grill for dessert! Y'all have to try these places if you ever make it up to see the pageant.
Most people don't know that Alvin Smith (Joesph Smith's brother) is buried in Palmyra, and we all stood for while in silence. Lexie is the one who told us about this hidden gem, and only found out about it when she came here two years ago for youth conference.
The Peter Whitmer farm is about 25 minutes aways from Palmyra, and totally worth going. We attended church here yesterday, and it truly is a beautiful, and peaceful place to visit, and learn all about where the church began in this little log home! 
The pageant was amazing as always! It seems as if the older my kids get, the more they appreciate it! Especially Noah. He is getting old enough to understand more about the prophets, and his interest in learning about them has grown. He wants to own all the book or mormon action figurines now. He has been collecting them since last Christmas (thanks to grandma, and grandpa who started sending them to him!) and really enjoys learning, and reading all about the prophets, and who they are. His "prophet hunt" continued before the pageant started, and he had a successful time finding almost all of them! 

Joseph Smith was the first one we saw, and Noah was excited! It's uncanny how well the makeup artists make him look like the real Joseph!

Even though King Noah is not nice, Noah still thinks he's cool. Especially when he was nice enough to pose with him. They both said, "we are strong!"

 I love this pic. Look at King Noah photo bombing all the nice prophets picture! 

The guy that played King Noah was from Vegas, and very entertaining! He has got to be the coolest King Noah I've ever met in the ten years of coming to the pageant! 
Even though I only met these people once I literally feel as if I've known them forever. At least that's how I feel. The actors are always so so nice, and welcoming to everyone who comes. I think that's another reason why we look forward to coming here. The spirit here is so strong that it's something I always want to feel even after we leave. 
The Palmyra temple is such a beautiful reflection of the Lord's holy house. I love the temple. We all do, and the girls wished they could have had more time to go inside to do some work, but time wasn't on our side for them to enter in. I'm grateful that the girls mentioned wanting to go on their own motive so hopefully next year we will be better prepared so they can attend!
I didn't want to leave this place at all! So grateful to live close enough where we can make the five hour drive, and see all the sites so that we can reflect, and remember all that happened in this wonderful, small town of Palmyra, Fayette New York! 

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