Friday, July 21, 2017

Noah-isms In The Summer.

One thing I'll never regret is having Noah as my last kid. Having three older sisters has definitely given him a soft side, and a huge heart! He is as sweet, and feminine as they come. His favorite words lately has been "beautiful" and "love." He has been describing everything as beautiful. Such as these flowers in the background, and the tree that was planted at his school recently. He called it, "a beautiful garden tree." He says all his sisters are beautiful, and that I'm beautiful too! What a sweet boy he is! 
He makes us laugh every day, and soothes us on days that have gone wrong. He's a positive little fella who lights up a room, and brings sunshine smiles into our soul. I love his humor, his innocence, and all the sweet, funny things he's said lately. 

And here are a few of his Noah-isms lately.....

There was one night where my feet were extremely aching due to walking all over creation the other (dang you car for being in the shop right now!) So as I was lying down I asked Noah to get papa so he can rub my feet. Noah then says, "I'll rub them for you mommy." I then told him how sweet he is, and how being half Mexican brings out the extreme kindness in him. His response, "I'm half-Spanish mom." Oh The perks of being half-Spanish!" 

Although I feel as if Noah is eating pretty good food he lacks in eating more veggies. I let him know and then he says to me, "I do like veggies mom, I like cherries, and blueberries." Um, I think we have our fruits and veggies mixed up! 

While suggesting dinner one evening. Me: "how about a BBQ, and make chicken." Noah: "You mean "grill chicken" mom." Smart kid for correcting me! 

On the last day of school I was so ready to pick up Noah, and take him home. Thing is because it was 1000 degrees I was walking slower than normal. I told him to slow down, and then he says to me, "I walk faster mom because I'm skinny." And then I said to him, "So are you saying I'm fat?" He then shouts out, "NOoooooo mommy, your just soft!" I had to laugh! 

It never fails that every time we start to watch the movie Pitch Perfect (which is probably a little too adult for his age) he always points out, and says, "Let me show you which Bella I don't like." 

While we were in New York this past week we all took turns twirling Noah around in the sheep meadow, and when it was Chelsea's turn he slipped from her hands, and landed on his knee. I asked if he was okay, and he said, "oh my gosh mommy! What is underneath the grass!? It felt like sidewalk, and hard dirt!" 

Lexie was asked to see a movie with her friend Zach, and because they weren't doubling told Lexie to bring Noah along. After all they were seeing Spider man! Upon leaving I told Noah, "let me know if he puts the moves on Lexie." He says, "huh, moves?" Lexie then asked him if he knew what that meant, and his response, "love?"

Oh, be still my heart! I love, love this boy, and his sweet innocence. He's definitely learning something new every day when it comes to life, and the world, and it's going to be exciting to watch him grow up, and listen to the way he phrases words, and describes life. 

Hope this made your week! Have a wonderful weekend! 

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