Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Our Fourth of July Celebration!

It had been years since we bought fireworks so this year we decided to go for a drive to Pennsylvania to the TNT store to buy fireworks, and as usual stopped by our friend Jenny's house across the Delaware river to take a picture in front of her flag that her hubby hung up after 9/11. This is a special spot for us, and we are just so grateful to have grown to known someone who has so much patriotic appreciation for God's country.

             I can't believe how grown these two have become! The last time I took a picture of these two in front of this flag was three years ago! Time and height certainly climbs! 

We've always gone to parks to watch fireworks, and it just dawned on me that we have never introduced Noah and Chelsea to fireworks! Can you believe it?? Talk about sheltering our kids! All they are familiar with are going to the parade (which we missed this year), firework shows, sparklers, and pop its, but once they walked into the TNT store, and saw fireworks priced at nearly 1000 dollars they were in awe! And they wanted to buy the whole store! 
We had our own little fireworks show in our backyard, and the kids had so much fun. Noah looked especially interested in the flashing fountains, and was kneeling patiently with papa while he lit them up in a row. Every time Jon would lit one up they'd start jumping, and laughing. And once they began to lit up higher, and higher they literally squealed with so much joy. It was so fun watching them having a good time. As much as I wanted to capture so many moments I only took a few pics. I am beginning to step back a bit on the video recording so that I can be a part of their fun. These two are my digital babies, and have become spoiled with documenting every minute of their life via smartphone. So there won't be too many photos, but there is a story on my Instagram of our firework show that you can watch before it disappears!

The ending to our fourth of July holiday was simply the best. It truly is one of our favorite holidays in the summer, and hope to have Lexie & Sierra with us next year to celebrate America's birthday. 
Here's wishing the happiest fourth of July to everyone! Celebrate big! 


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