Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Few Photos From The SOAR Program at BYU!

Seeing these pictures brings back so many memories of Sierra when she went to SOAR five years ago. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with this program you can read this detailed article about it here.) The new friends, the temple, the smiles, and the captions that are written underneath these pictures that I stole from Lexie and her friends Instagram is very nostalgic. I love how this program inspires, and teaches our cultured children to prosper, and grow spiritually as well as preparing them with success in their academics once they are in college. 

Lexie had so much fun with her California roomie, and her group immediately became a sisterhood. It's so nice seeing so many smiling faces in these photos. You can tell that they were all having a good time, and being in the moment! 

I am so grateful she was able to participate in this amazing program, and that she arrived home to us safely. Now that she got a taste of being on campus at BYU she just might consider enrolling next fall. She truly had an amazing week, and although she is glad to be back home she misses her SOAR crew. 

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