Favorite New York Moments.

The urge for walking the streets of New York comes quite frequently. This city has views that get me every time. The sunsets in our neck of the woods isn't like a sunset anywhere else (that's only if you're paying close attention to it!) The New York city traffic, the sirens, never ending horn honking brings out the energy in me. I may not live here, but if I did it wouldn't be hard to get used to. Living near a highway has helped me adjust to traffic, and honking cars including construction noises in the middle of the night so yeah...if I ever lived in New York life wouldn't be too bad. Especially with all that this magical, dirty, but beautiful city has to offer! 

I want to share a few of my favorite New York moments, and the things we often repeat when we come into the city. Looking at public art displays, going to museums, and Central Park to slide down the granite slide is the kids favorite. Feeling free to read, sunbathe, run, play frisbee, or just take a nap and rest in the sheeps meadow for hours after walking 35 blocks is one our favorite things to do! I also combined my Insta story clips into a little video, and you can view it here

There are so many bubble men in central park, and it never fails that we always run into one no matter what day of the week it is. Noah loves bubbles especially in the summertime, and he had so much fun chasing them, and popping them. 
Times Square, although touristy, crowded, and loud is something I tolerate, and don't mind at all! There's always something interesting happening here. They had these red artsy seats in the middle of Times Square that twirl, and all the kids sat on them to twirl around. I had to help Noah twirl in the beginning until he could get used to it on his own!
Adding in a New York selfie moment with my girls just for the heck of it! (Miss you Sierra!)
I absolutely love this city, and never grow weary of it. The kids and I love it. We have been visiting this city since Lexie was a baby, and now that her little brother is 7.5 years old he always says, "when I get older, I want to live here."
Oh boy! 

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