Friday, July 7, 2017

Making T-I-M-E For Our Children.

There have been many times when I have written in past blog posts how its nice to give "quality time" to each of my children, but as I look back on how that sounds I am not too thrilled about that saying. There are also times when I have mentioned giving equal time to each of my kids, and I like the sound of that a lot better. I don't always want to spend more time with the other, but there are times when I have. When Lexie was away in Utah recently I had so much time being with Noah and Chelsea! They truly make my life worth living, and there was never a dull moment when their sister was gone! Time was never ending with these two!
Time is what we give our children, and I know that I have done my ultimate best at doing that. This is exactly why I have been a stay at home mom for the past 17 years.

Being able to be home when they come home. Being the one to pick them up from school, and take them to their piano lessons. Sitting in on every tennis game. Going to each, and every one of their activities. Being able to sit and talk to them when they are in need. Picking up my cell when they call to let me know that they are not feeling well so I can pick them up. Taking the time to patiently drive to any doctor's/dentist's appointments they may have, and not rush like a mad woman because I have to tell my boss "I have to go now" like I used to. I love that I have been able to have one on one dates with them from time to time, and that I was able to give all my time to all my kids when they were toddlers. It's so important to me to always make time for them, and even though Jon works so much, he makes sure that on his days off he spends time with them. I think that's why we love the weekends so much because those are the days where we are all together as a family. I didn't have a father growing up so I have no idea how it feels to not have spent time with him, but I know this. We always find the time to spend TIME with our kids, and I'm so grateful that their father does his very best to please, and spend time with them. 

The summer months are my most favorite time of the year because that's when all the major fun begins. It's almost as if it prepares us for all the upcoming holidays such as halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you think about it- those holidays consist of children having fun, and spending time with family. I love that I have all the time in the world to be with these kiddos throughout the summer. It would be nice if Jon would do the same, but he is the provider of the family, and knowing that he does his ultimate best in being there regardless of driving a UPS truck 40 plus hours a week so our kids can eat, and live for fun is good enough for me.  

This is why I love this quote, and this video so much because it is so dang true...

"Love is not just something you say, it is something you do! My grandfather passed on an old saying to me that goes, "You can fake like you care, but you can't take being there."

To send messages of love to your children, ou must show up. Love is not a spectator sport. Most kids would probably not articulate it, but almost every kid spells "love" T-I-M-E. 

There is a fallacy loose in the world. parents try to rationalize a lack of time for their children by saying, "We give quality time to our kids. Baloney! It is impossible to turn on quality time. We adults can't turn on quality time with each other, and it is even more impossible to do with our children.

There is TIME, period." 
Mac Bledsoe- "Parenting With Dignity" 

**Here is hoping y'all have a  fabulous weekend, and if you have children to have fun spending time with them! 

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