Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Water Fight With Tupperware Bowls & Nerf Guns!

Temperatures so far this week have been at a high of almost 90 degrees so on the days when we don't go to the beach we go outside to play, and get wet! So when noon time came the kids grabbed their water guns, went outside and began shooting each other. They've had these water guns for almost three years now, and for the past two summers have been put to great use. I was reminded of the very first time we moved to Jersey, and how little these two were when they always played in their little blue pool, and how much fun we had as a family when our awesome ex-neighbors would let us use their pool! No matter what these kids make the best of their summer days when it comes to the outdoors, and today they were like, "who needs a pool?" They always make their own fun, and as usual I stood behind the lens of my smartphone to capture some pretty fun moments!

Since these water guns don't hold enough water, and because the temps were rising the kids kicked it old school by soaking themselves with Tupperware bowls filled with water, and dumped it on themselves. 
They had so much fun, and I had so much fun laughing, and watching them in action getting their "game on" as Noah called it! These are such sweet memories that I will always treasure. These summers seem to be slipping away from us so fast, and I am cherishing these moments with my tween, and 7.5 year old! 
Definitely loving these long days of summer! 

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