Monday, July 10, 2017

A Gymnastics Birthday Party At The Schafer Sports Center!

I love my husband for many reasons. One-since he has every weekend off he always wants to plan something fun for the kids even if it's just to go for a simple drive along the Delaware River, go to the playground or play a game of tennis. Two-he loves to rotate with each of our children to take them out on little one on one dates even if it's just to get ice cream, pizza, take them to the playground again, or...go with him to birthday party.

This past Saturday was Noah's turn, and luckily there was a birthday party to go to. His little friend Raquel celebrated her 7th birthday at the Schafer sports center. Noah couldn't have been more excited to have finally gone to a place where gymnastics is done! He has been wanting to swing on the trapeze, tumble and do flips in a place where it would be safer to land than flip from our couch, and land on "the not so soft carpet" at home! 
Jon is rarely on his phone, and as much as he loves to take photos his focus was all on Noah. He said Noah had the time of his life, and because he had my smartphone only managed to take a few pictures. I told him to snap a few videos, but because he has no Instagram or snapchat (which is a good thing) he didn't take video, and that was fine. 
I am so happy that he had fun watching Noah's reaction while tumbling into the mats. He said had he caught that on film he probably wouldn't have noticed the little things such as the giggle Noah had at the end when he let go of the trapeze, or the sweet smile on his face he had while gazing towards papa.

These two are like tow peas in a pod, and when they are together they truly have the time of their life, and it shows when they come home!

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