Saturday, July 8, 2017

Blueberry Picking We Go!

Mother nature definitely know what she was doing after it rained yesterday. The bright sun that came out from behind the clouds with the bluest sky made up for the rain she brought all morning long. I thought our plans for blueberry picking was shot, but when we saw the sun shining after we had lunch we were like, let's go! This is one of the most exciting things of summer for the kids to do, and I am counting my blessings for this day because boy oh boy did we have fun at the blueberry patch. There is more on my Insta stories on  my instagram if you'd like to see! 

When we went apple picking for the first time at Terhune Orchards I just knew we had to come here for the blueberries. We are closer in distance now that we've moved here. Last year we went to Moods, and that is also a good farm to go if you live in south jersey, but Terhune genuinely is the best farm in the Princeton "boonie" area! 

The kids wanted to wear their boots just in case it was muddy, but luckily it wasn't. One thing for sure is that the blueberries were covered with raindrops, and in my opinion didn't have to rinse them when we got home. It truly was a perfect day to pick, because they easily fell off the vine! 

Noah invited his friend Cristy to come with us. Noah says "she is the coolest neighbor we have" and I have to agree! She's like one of my daughters, and I am so glad she came with us. She has never, ever been to an orchard before, and was so excited to have experienced picking blueberries straight from the vine. She learned real quick how to pick them!
It was hot, and humid, and we didn't care that we were sweating. The kids were too busy concentrating trying to find the bluest of berries, and were just having too much fun to think about how hot it was! 
 Noah is giving himself a fist bump. He's proud of picking his blueberries all by himself! He said that they are officially "his favorite berry to pick!"
Chelsea was going on a roll picking blueberries, and filled her small carton to the rim! She was a happy camper! I also can't believe how tall she's getting. She's seriously isn't going to stop growing any time soon!
I even took a break from the camera to pick a few myself. Thanks Chelsea for capturing this moment! 
I absolutely loved today! Summer, we love you even though you're hot and humid! 

Happy Saturday everyone! 

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