Sunday, December 4, 2011

Live your life with Integrity

"Love life and look for its opportunities, and forever and always be loyal to the church."
 ~Gordon B. Hinckley 
"Peace be unto thy soul...Thy Friends do stand by thee." D&C 121:7-9, was the theme for this years Young Women in Excellence. 

This past Tuesday all of our young women got together and presented all the things that they have accomplished throughout the year for their program. I always look forward to this event at the end of each year because it really shows me, and other parents what our kids have accomplished while growing spiritually at the same time.

This year was especially important to me because of the goal I set to complete my personal progress (which I did) along with my daughter. Integrity is the last value for Sierra to complete, and her project was creating a book of quotes from General Authorities that pertain to integrity and honesty. Creating this book is a reminder to her to live each day with integrity, and to alway be honest all the days of her life.

How different my life would have been had I lived to always be honest. It would have been nice to have been raised with this as a youth, but I have no regrets...NONE! 
Having integrity is a talent. Unfortunately not everyone inhibits that very well. I see in you Sierra a lot of your father. Your dad has been in sales for 14 years of his employment, and not once has he ever felt that he had to be dishonest with any of his clients. That's what makes a good salesman. Living the life of integrity is very rare for someone in the business of sales to live by, and for your dad he has seen the results of what happens to someone who falls short of having integrity, especially at work...getting fired based on integrity issues. Sad, but true. It's so important to always be truthful to everyone.

I see how honest and true you are to all of your friends. It doesn't matter if they attend church or not. You are as unique, and true as they come. The friends that you have made throughout the years of leading a nomadic life who are not members are still your friend. I believe it's because you are always there for them no matter what, and always try to build peace around them. I know that your friends here, including your teachers see the way you live as a Latter-Day Saint, and how you have been an example to others. You live each day at school the same way you do on Sunday. You are the same, fun, clumsy, happy girl who is always smiling and wanting everyone to know that everyday can be cheerful. Even on your worst days you still manage to have that cheerful smile.

Sometimes I want to be just like you!

I look back at my life and saw all the iniquity that I caused for others...including myself, because I wasn't a very honest person. You are old enough to know a lot about my history as your mother, and I have no regrets telling you. I know how grateful you are for me to have been honest with you about my past, and the consequences that I endured from being dishonest.

I know that by telling you those things it has made you want to be a better person, and that is who you are today. The gospel helps us want to be a better person. It is what helps shine that light in you. It is what helps build your integrity. Continue to live by that and you will always be happy. Others will appreciate your honesty, and by living a life of integrity you will always be blessed.

Love you,


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