Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today is our wedding anniversary

"Grow old with me...the best is yet to be."
Our wedding reception~Circa 1994
Happy Anniversary to the hubs who has known me for 19 years! Today is our wedding anniversary and each year it feels like our first! Sometimes I can't believe we have made it together for all these years. I know that it is because of the hard work we put into our marriage, and never give up in times of stress. I also know that having the Lord in our life helps us through any trial. I look forward for many years to come. 

I still dream of our 'dream house' just like our gingerbread house that your mother made as one of our wedding cakes. It would be nice if it looked like the one shown in this photo. 
If it never's okay.  
Us~December 2011
I'm grateful for the life that you have given me in the home that you have provided for us!



  1. Rose I am loving the wedding photos! One day I'll look back and my kids are going to say, Mom?! What are you wearing?

    Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Thanks Jillayne! Sierra has already asked me that question re: my wedding dress. I told her it was the early 90's, and big puffy sleeves were in back then! She's so funny. Of course her wedding dress will look nothing like mine!