Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keeping CHRISTmas Simple

The weather is beginning to feel more like Christmas and I have put the rest of our decorations out. The kiddos decorated our tree the day after Thanksgiving which is always a tradition, and I decided to bring up our tiny little Christmas tree. I had asked the girls about putting it up, and we decided to put it in the corner of our dining area. We put their cute Mary Engelbreit ornaments on their tree. Noah is barely two, and yet he is mesmerized by the lights on both trees. He constantly pulls down the ornaments only on the big tree. He only did this for the first week. Let's hope he's grown weary of it! 

My better half just received his cookie press by UPS yesterday and he was like a little kid opening up a Christmas gift. Not only does he love to cook, but he loves to bake as well. This Christmas we are going to bake cookies for our friends, and neighbors. This will be our first time to do this as a family, and we are excited! Especially the girls!

For some reason this Christmas seems as if it is going to be simply simple. The older the kids get, the simpler it gets. I don't know. Maybe it's because of  these words that President Thomas S. Monson said to us during the Christmas devotional broadcast. Maybe it's because I have a humble teenager who has a solid testimony of the Savior, a preteen who is always thinking of others first, and only wants us to focus on the little ones. Maybe it's because I myself am striving to live a simple life with four children and one income. Everything seems to be focused less on Christ, and more on the things of the world. We have taught our kids throughout the years that Christmas is not about the's about His presence. 

Of course Chelsea and Noah are still little, and I want to make Christmas magical for them. It's also understandable for them to want to ask Santa what they want for Christmas. I think the biggest Christmas tradition we started since moving up here is going to New York and seeing Santa at Macy's. Now...that may be called a thing of the world, but it sure puts a light on all of our faces when we go and spend the entire day there! 

Our kids are filled with the Christmas spirit, and have really understood the reason for the season. Like I wrote before...we enjoy the holidays no matter what. We always have fun during Christmas, and each year our love for Jesus Christ grows stronger and stronger. 

I am thankful for that spirit! 

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