Monday, November 12, 2012

the birthday boy.

As mothers we all want our kiddos to have the best birthday ever! It shouldn't matter how big or small, fancy or plain the birthday is planned...oh no. What matters is the look your child gives to you along with the thank you's, and that huge smile displayed on their face when they look at the cake you made along with the sweet gifts that come along with it.

On the day of Noah's birthday we went out of town, and since we got home too late to do the cake, and open presents we decided to celebrate the following morning which was fine with him. Luckily he doesn't get the meaning of "the cake"yet. I know next year will be a whole different story, and that he will want cake on his actual birthday!

On this day my heart was filled with so much joy knowing that Noah expresses his appreciation with lots of hugs, kisses, and smiles.
This was this third birthday, and he didn't celebrate with anyone but us. Not that we are introverts, but it's kind of fun that way. I know that if we had family close by we'd definitely be celebrating all of our kids birthdays with them, but for now it's just us. One of these days when he's a little older he'll have a "big boy" party, and invite a few friends.

We sang happy birthday to him, and look how cute he is while we sang to him...

At the end of the day I bought three balloons, and we drove out to a nearby field where he let them go. It wasn't a big deal when he let one go, but the second one made him frown that we decided to let him keep the third balloon. It was so fun though watching him holding the balloons one by one, and then letting them go up in the sky.

He may be still too little to comprehend what a wish is when he blows out his candle, or what the significance is as to why we have balloons on their birthdays, but he'll get it as he grows up.

No matter how big or small we plan our kids birthday's what matters at the end of the day, (or in our case weekend) is the smile they give when it's all over!
Happy birthday Noah! Hope that by glancing at these photos will spark a memory when you are older!

Love you forever!


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