Saturday, November 3, 2012

it's times like these in which people notice.

Today I want to express my gratitude as to how grateful I am to have been out of harms way throughout the hurricane.

This past week seemed...a little different. Some of us went out trick or treating on Halloween night even though Governor Christie postponed it until Monday. Some of us went to a nearby mall to go indoor trick or treating on Halloween, and even that was different. Truth is it seemed as if Halloween didn't exist. I still made that evening fun for our kids, but I still couldn't help to think of those children who didn't have any kind of Halloween, a warm home to go home to because they have no electricity, food, clothes, comfort, shelter, and no way to maneuver around the streets.

Yet, I have a warm home, food, clothes, lots of love, healthy, happy children who didn't fuss over not getting enough candy at the mall, and I have transportation in which will take me where I need to go while my little boy sleeps soundly in the back of the car.

It's times like these in which cities pull together, and lend a hand. It's times like these in which families, and neighbors come together to share their needs and help each other out.

In the five years that I have lived here, I have learned that true New Yorkers as well as those born and raised in New Jersey have that guarded mechanism in which you need to give them some time before they get to know you. A hug can mean something different to them on a normal day, but when a catastrophe hits is when I notice New Yorkers and Jersey residents coming together, and I'm sure there are a lot of hugs being exchanged as well as those sharing their basic needs.

I have been extremely blessed to have wonderful neighbors checking up on each other, as well as members in our church.

I live in between Atlantic city, and New York, and although some of us may think we didn't get it as bad in our area...truth is we did. Sandy may not have damaged our homes, but for those who have loved ones in those areas of devastation it worried their spirit. Having it hit so, so close to our area has made me even more motivated, and bold as to be even more prepared.

We live an hour away from Atlantic City, and it's only an hour and 20 minute drive to Manhattan (without traffic.) I'm sure for those who were born and raised here who have loved ones living in those areas have been affected, and my heart goes out to them, and to you. I may not be a "true" New Yorker, or born in Jersey, but this is our home right now, and as Jersey residents we will do what we can to help others in need. My prayers continue to go out to them.

"Sometimes it just takes a catastrophe to make us notice, and be grateful."
~Scott Simon, NPR news

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