Monday, November 26, 2012

Arise, Shine & Sparkle

One of the greatest things about being in the church is the fact that every Young Women auxiliary throughout the world has the same program year after year. Each year the church leaders come up with a different theme, and the meaning behind it is spiritually uplifting.

Last week Sierra hosted the Young Women in Excellence event, and since she's heading off to college next fall she wanted to be a part in hosting it.  She, and her counselor buddies all helped by pitching in their thoughts, and ideas. We especially need to thank this wonderful blog we found on pinterest that inspired the girls so much that they mocked some ideas, and tweaked it a bit.

The theme this year is Arise and Shine Forth, and being that the trend this year seems to be glitter, and sparkles Sierra wanted to add some sparkle to the scene, and I think everything turned out really nice.
The next generation of young women. Our fun loving beehives! 

She will definitely miss being part of the young women as she will enter into the Relief Society next fall! She'll still be able to attend one more year of EFY, youth conference, and girls camp. I am happy to see that Lexie is continuing to enjoy being part of the young women, and I know that her light will shine just as her sisters does.
As our daughters get older I see them being more responsible, spiritual, and most of all loving. I know it's because of the choices they make, and being involved in the young women program at our church makes all the difference!

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