Friday, November 23, 2012

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2012

This Thanksgiving holiday there was no cooking for us to do, no dirty dishes to wash, & no cleaning up after anyone after dinner. It was just another adventurous day for the Jorgensen clan!

We did it.

We were brave enough to go see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade live, and in person! The weather was perfect, and all of our kids had a blast! We didn't mind the crowds, and we were lucky enough to have stood on a pretty good spot on 45th street. All of our kids were troopers including the little ones. Noah sat on dad's shoulders, and was in awe as he saw all of the balloons floating in the sky. Chelsea even made friends as there were many small children sitting up near the sidewalk.
Sierra, Lexie, and I stood along side millions of people as everyone was cheering on all the different bands that were playing. We snapped all kinds of photos, and I tried to get pictures of all the balloons & floats.

Here were some of my favorites...

Buzz lightyear!
Elf on the shelf! What a cutie! 
Here is the Pillsbury dough boy in black & white..just like how it was filmed in the 50's.
Po from Kung Fu Panda.

Chelsea's fave...Hello Kitty!
Ronald McDonald
One of Noah's favorites...a dragon
Smurf from my generation!
Charlie Brown and the football he never gets a chance to kick!
And last, but not least...Santa Claus!
There were numerous bands playing, and floats that were very well decorated.
Ninja turtles!
The Big Apple!
Although we saw many celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg dressed as a pirate, Jimmy Fallon doing his signature dance, Flo-rida, Karmin, Colbie Caillat, Cody Simpson, & Jennette Mccurdy, the only picture I got to take was that of Trace Adkins! 
Going to the parade is the perfect way to get us into the Christmas spirit, and the perfect way to start decking the halls in our home.
We are so grateful to have had this opportunity with our children, and I know that they will never forget it.

Whoever says the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade is a boring tradition, or too chaotic too attend...don't knock it until you are actually there in person to witness it!

It. Was. A. Blast!

And we would go again in a heartbeat...with four kids in tow!

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