Wednesday, November 7, 2012

because this is history for my posterity

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Remember how I mentioned in in this blog post  how excited I was about the election? Well, that excitement has dissipated. But I am a christian, and I am eliminating all negativity when it comes to President Obama.

After all...he is the President of the United States.

So instead of writing out my thoughts, and venting (that's what journals are for) globally I've decided to share various quotes by Facebookers. Some are positive, witty, and funny. Overall...I think they all have a good attitude as to the outcome of this election.

But first I want to share this wonderful quote in hopes that we will heed the words of Theodore Roosevelt...
"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President or any other official."

"Support the office if you cannot support the man; remember the 12th Article of Faith. Far more important than who leads our country is how we conduct our personal lives; "stand in holy places and be not moved" is the best advice for those who wish to preserve our nation."
~Christopher C. DeSantis

"Why do I have the distinct impression that I'm going to be hearing a lot of "testimonies" of the imminence of the second coming & Sunday school lessons exhorting me that if I don't have a year supply of food already...I better REALLY get it now! 
~Rodger Burge

"I may not have much faith in the government right now, but I do have a lot of faith in God, and that is who I'll look up to."
-Janette Stones Walker

"We congratulate President Obama on winning a second term as President of the United States. After a long campaign, this is now a time for Americans to come together. It is a long tradition among Latter -Day Saints to pray for our national leaders in our personal prayers and in our congregations. We invite Americans everywhere, whatever their political persuasion, to pray for the President, for his administration and the new Congress as they lead us through difficult and turbulent times. May our national leader reflect the best in wisdom and judgment as they fulfill the great trust afforded to them by the American people.
We also commend Governor Romney for engaging at the highest level of our democratic process which, by its nature demands so much of those who offer themselves for public service. We wish him and his family every success in their future endeavors."
 ~First Presidency & Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

and my favorite...
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"I believe in America, I believe in the people of America. And I ran for office because I'm concerned about America. This election is over, but our principles endure. I believe that the principles upon which this nation was founded are the only sure guide to a resurgent economy and renewed greatness. 
I so wish- I so wish that I had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader. And so Ann and I join with you to earnestly pray for him and this great nation." 
~Governor Mitt Romney (read his wonderful speech here)

Prayers are important, and I will continue to pray for our country as well as our leaders. One thing for sure I will always be a "mom for Mitt."


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