Sunday, November 4, 2012

mormon helping hands

Today I am thankful for being a member of a church in which no matter how busy our lives get, and believe me we're pretty busy...we make the time to go out and serve those who are in need. 
There are many of us who risk our lives before, during, and after a hurricane has hit. Listening to this talk by Scott Simon on NPR was inspirational, and the way he described those who risked their lives to save others was said perfectly.

And then there is Mormon Helping Hands.

Today after church services members of our church drove to Atlantic City to help clean up the debris in various homes. Living near the ground zero of Sandy was really an eye opener for my husband, and our 12 year old daughter. They have never seen such devastation in person. Even though my better half grew up in Utah with snowstorm after snowstorm he has never seen anything like this. Instead of snow there was a lot of sand in which you can see where the beach drifted all over. You can tell how high the water was inside the homes, and when Jon stood against the wall the line was up to his waist, and he is over six feet tall. He witnessed what I experienced as a young girl, and he was extremely humbled by how mother nature can demolish a beautiful beach within minutes.

I grew up in Hurricane territory where I've experienced a hurricane, survived it, and as a young child saw others pulling together during the aftermath. It always amazes me when I see others serving our fellow man. Service, the importance of family, and Christ's unconditional love is what drew me to this religion. I see how the church views family as one of the most important things in our life, and how precious mankind is. We love others unconditionally, and strive our very best to serve others when times get rough.

It can truly be a wonderful world when so many of us come together as one to help those in need...especially after a hurricane.

So if there is any way you can help those families who are in serious need of relief please contact the Red Cross, or any of these wonderful resources. 

Oh, and another don't need to have "mormon hands" to serve your fellow man.

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