Saturday, November 24, 2012

the yellow shirts with helping hands.

The very first time members of our church went to help out after the hurricane hit was down in Atlantic City, and I'm sure it was an eye opener for everyone. I was especially glad that one of my daughters Lexie had the opportunity to help serve on that day. Although New York got hit the worst there is still so much work to be done here in our neck of the woods.

As we drove around Atlantic City last week I noticed a few people still putting rotted stuff out on the curb. I was tempted to offer my help, but was a bit under the weather.

I asked my husband if I should at least let them know that we are part of an organization called Mormon Helping Hands, and if they needed any help to please call us. The thing is that we have been going to different parts in South Jersey, and are not sure what area we will be called to next. So I didn't attempt to tell them.

Wherever it may be we are needed everywhere! I honestly don't think cleaning up all the debris left in the home, and knocking down old drywall will get taken care by the end of the year. There is so much to do, and I wish I could even go further north in New York to help families up there. Luckily there are so many church members up there who are giving countless hours of their time. LDS Missionaries are even going every single day to help them out! Amazing!

My family is taking advantage of going, and I'm so grateful to know that they are willing to help. It's kind of hard having two younger children to be able to go. My husband, and two older daughters plan on going again this Sunday.

Get this...they are going to have sacrament meeting at 6:30 a.m., and then head to their destination of where they are supposed to be. I really wish I could go, but I don't think it's a good idea having two younger children going that early in the morning, and was just informed they're not allowed. If it was in the afternoon it probably be no problem...I could have them passing out bottled water to the adults! Besides, there is a sister who I pick up to attend church every Sunday.

However, we will attend church services at normal hours which is 9-Noon, and continue to pray for the families in need as well as the hands that are helping them.

I can't stress enough how thankful I am to be a member of this church, and to feel of God's love throughout this time of need!

If I can't be there wearing the yellow shirt to help at least I can do my part in praying for them in hopes that life will get back to normal for them soon. I am thankful to know that some of my family members are extending a hand of service and love.

Once again...I have a lot to be grateful for...A lot.

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