Tuesday, November 13, 2012

an act of charity.

This is one of the reasons why I became a member of this wonderful church. Charity, compassion, love, devotion, and service. I feel the love of the Lord when I serve others. No matter how trying our times may get there are others who have it worse.

And there are so, so many who have it worse right now.

This past weekend we had a special fireside (which in laymen terms is an informal gathering in which members of our church talk about various gospel topics) at our church, and in doing so the stake Relief Society sisters had a collection drive in which so many of us contributed.

I personally don't have much, but I did donate some nonperishable foods, and a couple of gently used coats. My heart swelled with joy when I walked into the foyer of the building, and saw tons, and tons of bags of clothing, diapers, bedding, canned goods, feminine supplies, and toiletries. It was overwhelming, and I know that this is the work of the Lord.

I can never become desensitized when a catastrophe hits. Never. I grew up in hurricane territory in South Texas, and have seen the aftermath of it, and persevered...even as a little girl.

When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 I was living in Salt Lake City, and became the humanitarian leader at our church. That calling couldn't have come at a better time, and even though I was 1900 miles away from ground zero of Katrina I was so saddened by the outcome of the severe damage, and chaos that occurred within the city as well as with FEMA. I prayed so hard for everyone including my great aunt who still lives there till this day. She lives about 30 minutes from New Orleans, and her life was spared. I never stopped praying for her city. Many sisters in the area I lived in Utah made hygiene kits, school kits, quilts, and we even sanded and hand painted wooden toys for the little kids. I miss those days as a humanitarian leader.

Having that calling was really an eye opener for me, and reminded me of my hurricane days. It truly gave me a testimony of giving, and serving unconditionally.

We were so blessed that our borough wasn't a direct hit. I pray for those who lost everything! I pray that they will have the patience and faith knowing that it will take time to rebuild what so many loved and lost.

I know I've blogged more about my family, and my little boy's birthday within that past week but want y'all to know that you are not forgotten.

I have developed a strong love for the people in Jersey as well as this city.
Yes...I really have, and I'm so grateful to have that empathy, and love.

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