Sunday, October 7, 2012

Friday night lights.

Fall is the season for football, and I am ashamed to say that I have never been to any of the games at my daughter's high school...until now.

I clearly remember the last football game I attended with my sister, and a few friends up at BYU back in 1994, and I really enjoyed it. That was almost 18 years ago!!! Well, since this is my daughter's last year in high school, and because she is the keyboard player in the pep band I decided to clear my busy schedule that I always have on Fridays to go to her game, and hear you play.

All I have to say is...WOW!!!

She is so amazing, and I am always impressed with how she plays music. She never needs any sheet music because she is such an excellent sight reader, and can play anything at the drop of a hat. You can here some of her playing here.

The sounds of the entire pep band are amazing, and it brought back many memories of when I was in high school. I remember going to the Brahma football games, and cheering them on. For one year I was in the Drill team, and loved entertaining the crowd with our dancing routines.

I was surprised that I didn't come with a headache with all the shouting that was going on directly behind our seat. I have a young heart, and thoroughly enjoyed myself along with the kids. We won 31-ZERO against the other team, and left happy.

I forgot how great it felt going to football games to root for our home team. I will definitely make more of an effort to attend the home games when our other kids enter high school in the future.

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