Our last general conference with Sierra.

I didn't realize that this years general conference was going to be the last one to watch with Sierra. She mentioned it before it began. It was surreal, and I didn't want to believe it. All those months for the past 17 years of watching conference together whether in our home or at the chapel seemed like yesterday. Those 17 years sure flew by quick! So for those of you who have a young woman (or man) in the church take advantage, and watch general conference with them. Always treasure those moments spent with her, or (him.) 

I was bummed that we didn't make it to the chapel for the first session on Saturday (Jon was helping a friend move into a new place), and missed the first session on Sunday due to an open house we attended for accepted students at the University of the Arts (which I'll blog about later), but grateful we made it for the second sessions on both days. 

The talks that were given this spring were masterful, and everything that was said is what I needed to hear. Not one year goes by where these talks identify something that is needed in my life, or someone in my family.  

I really try to focus on the talks, and the choice I make to attend the chapel instead of watching it in the comforts of our own home is better for me. At least scripture bingo will keep the kids occupied in the chapel when at home they'd probably wouldn't listen clearly to the words that are spoken.

**Thanks to the lovely sister missionaries who made this for Chelsea! She got Bingo in the end along with a sucker! 

I'm going to get a little bit personal on this post because I feel that what I'm about to write is important. Don't worry it's PG-13, and I hope that it will be beneficial not only to my children, but to whoever is reading this as well. 

Elder David A. Bednar's talk was one of my favorites. He spoke on chastity, and how we should take care of our bodies, and treat them with respect. 

I admit I was promiscuous while in high school, and I thank my Heavenly Father that I didn't contract any venereal disease, or that any of those sexual encounters resulted in pregnancy. I cannot even begin to tell you the feeling I got when I realized that I had to do something that was spiritually life changing to my entire being. Shaping up my life at the age of 20 was not easy, but I knew that as long as I stayed on a path of righteousness it would lead me to be a better person, and that I could conquer anything...and I did. 

I remember many a things from my youth that I did which were not good. I chose to contaminate my life with things that in my opinion were not conducive to the spirit. I experienced alcohol, tobacco, and yes...a little bit of marijuana. I am not proud of what I did, but I am grateful that I learned to not let it take over my life, and by talking to my two oldest daughters about my experiences at an age that was appropriate makes them want to be a better person. I don't take offense to that because I myself want them to make wiser choices, and to be better than me.  

I am thankful for the courage to have shared my experiences with them, and to know of all the things that I experienced as a teen, and how I would never want them to endure any of the guilt, heartache, or consequences that I had to face. 

I'm grateful to know that through repentance all those unclean things I did back then were washed away when I became baptized, and that The Lord will remember them no more. Chastity is so important to ones self, and I continue to implement that in our children. 

"Chastity and virtue are now, always have been, and always will be most dear and precious above all things." ~David A. Bednar

Sierra will be off on her own to college, and all I can do is pray for her. Pray that she continues to keep her moral standards high, and to be a good example to others. She will be making decisions on her own, and it is my hope that she will make the right ones, and not slip up too terribly, or at all!
Communication is key in our home, and I make sure we have that. No matter the distance that comes between us we will be on the phone every day! I know that she will be missing her sister Alexandra. They are extremely close!
General conference is so important, and each year it becomes more and more meaningful to me. My spiritual level with conference is at an all time high, and attending the chapel to watch it on a huge screen is so inviting to the spirit. 

As my kids grow older I want to keep that routine going as if we were attending sacrament meeting.  If we can't go to the chapel to stay for all the sessions, try to at least go to the one on Sunday to hear  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk (my favorite)!!!

It's important how we as parents represent ourselves in front of our children. Our children need peace, and love just as much as we do. Especially in this day and age where the things of the world keep getting more severe when it comes to immorality, and negativity. I want to continue to teach our kids to live a righteous example so that others will want that. 

I love that we can listen to these talks any time we need some spiritual enlightenment. We do have 183 years worth of conference to listen to anytime on any given day. 

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