Thursday, July 26, 2012

hydrangea flowers are my favorite.

One of my favorite parts of summer are blooming hydrangea flowers, and they have them all over New England.  They are so vibrant in color, and so perfectly created. I actually see more hydrangeas in New England than in New Jersey. The people in the New England area seem to take more care of them than those in Jersey (at least in my area.) I see so many hydrangea shrubs dried up, discolored, and lifeless. It's a shame because these are the most beautiful flowers on the east coast. 

I first noticed them while we were living down in North Carolina, and was immediately drawn to them. I've never planted them, but one of these days I will. They don't grow in Texas or in Utah, and they come in the colors blue, lavender, rose, white, and an off yellow. They certainly are beautiful, and they definitely flaunt themselves out in the open.

 As were driving around to see the attractions of where the movie Mystic Pizza was filmed we were surrounded by hydrangeas. We drove along the alluring seaside country of Watch Hill & Westerly in Rhode Island, and found all these hydrangea shrubs. These towns are about 20 minutes away from Mystic.

My myriad of pictures were all taken with my iPhone 4S, and I think they came out just beautifully.

If I ever do plant them I'm going to make sure they are treated well, so that they can bloom year after year. 

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