Thursday, June 21, 2012

Love thy neighbor.

How blessed we are to have such wonderful neighbors who have the nicest kids. Living here for four years has been a blessing. A blessing because anytime you need a cup of sugar, milk, a ride, my wonderful neighbors are there to help. 

And when summer comes...
their pool is open!
 The lovely Kayla always invites us, and we really needed this. Temperatures were scorching hot yesterday!
 I, of course am taking pictures proving how much fun all the kids are having. I was able to put my suit on and join in on the fun, but obviously took pictures instead. 
 We need to either have Chelsea take swimming lessons, or have her sisters teach her. I personally am not a good swimmer therefore I wouldn't be a good teacher. She can doggy paddle, but still wears a life vest! She doesn't mind it. 
 When we came over last year for a father's day bbq, Noah was not ready to jump into their pool. This is Noah's first time inside their pool, and was timid at first, but then began splashing his sisters, and having a blast!
I am so grateful for the love that I have for my neighbor. Not just the one that lives next door, but my whole block! It's so important to get along with them, and to introduce yourselves first when you move into a new area so that they can know about who you are.  I believe I am an expert now with all the moving I've done. You just never know when you'll need them, or when they'll need you.

 In our case when summer is here they think of us, and in weather like this makes us extremely grateful. 

We sure love our neighbors, and it's not because of their pool! 

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