Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Keep your standards high.

Washington D.C. temple

"Stand ye in holy places, 
and be not moved, 
until the day of the Lord come
for behold, it cometh quickly,
 saith the Lord."
Doctrine and Covenants 87:8

Last night was our annual "Standards Night" event for our church, and it was very well prepared  by the young men. 

Living the life of a Mormon shouldn't be hard. If we understand the laws and commandments of the Lord, read our sciptures, and strive to do what is right there is no need to get overwhelmed. Sure our lives get busy, and when we are at our lowest, that's when we feel like giving up. There are many times when I have felt that way, but then I am reminded of the reasons I entered an unfamiliar church, and became a member. I know that the Lord has kept me on His side in helping me to understand the blessings it comes with by obeying the work of the Lord. In the end I know it will all have been for my own good. Plus I am in love with all of the teachings that it teaches our children. 

The youth continue to live in a harsh world, and knowing that they hold the keys to happiness with the knowledge they have which is "For the strength of youth", puts me at ease in hopes that they will all strive their best to keep their standards high.  

Standards such as these were discussed last night by using props. We were all asked to bring a prop, and find a way to use those props in acting out a meaning of each standard. It was kind of like that show, 'Whose line is it anyway", and it was a lot of fun! I was even in one of the skits. (Sorry I have no video this time.)

And so I end this post with words of advice for our children:

When it comes to listening to music y'all have chosen the right kind (even if it is clean beat box!) Please make sure that it is always conducive to the spirit. If there are curse words in the lyrics I advise you to stop, and turn it off. If you are at a school dance, and you hear that kind of music try not to listen to it, or simply leave. I don't care if it has a good beat to it. Believe me I know. I grew up listening to alternative music that had bad language. If I knew then what y'all know now...I would have never listened to it. Bad language leans towards drinking, which can lead to sexual acts if you're not careful (so no Violent Femmes, and no grinding train!)

I know y'all cringe when people curse...especially at school. Whether it's the D word, or the other word they use for poop, or the worst word of all which starts with the letter F. Always use clean language. I have used that language in my time, and never thought how awful it sounded until I myself heard someone cursing. I'm not perfect, and I know that I've slipped from time to time, but please do not mock me. Try your very best to not be my inner voice. I know that I have come along way with my anger, and I am proud that none of y'all have uttered such words. Keep it up, and so will I. 

There is a special someone out there waiting to sweep your feet away. Take your time in searching for your prince who will one day take you to the temple. Make sure he holds the same standards as you. Never lower them for anyone...anyone. Be selective, and when it comes to boys & dating, think with your head, and not your heart. Always go on group dates, and have fun with that! The teen years are precious, and those are the times when you are finding your identity. You'll know when your time has come to develop those feelings. You shouldn't have to be exclusive with anyone! Trust me...boyfriends in high school were no fun! 

Serving is something that I  love to do especially when I am at my ultimate lowest. When my days are bleak with worry, and stress I will find a way to serve someone. Whether it's writing a letter, reading my scriptures, or picking up the phone to call someone, or even serving you. I see that attribute in every one of you already, and I am pleased. Keep it up, and always find ways to serve (even when you're happy!)

I love you all very much, and pray for you daily. Be the example, keep the commandments, keep your standards high, and always stand in holy places. 


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