Monday, November 14, 2011

Scenes of a 2nd birthday

Noah's 2nd birthday was indeed unique in its own. We didn't have a big birthday bash or balloons! No party hats, kazoos, or a huge birthday cake. His sister Lexie wanted to make him cupcakes and she cut out letters and a number two out of card stock. Pink frosted cupcakes with sprinkles...not your normal birthday cake for a boy, but Noah was satisfied and he was happy with the way they turned out. He blew those candles out so fast that I didn't even have time to take a picture. I tried to light the candles again, but to no avail. It's okay...he's only two, and he will have more birthdays. 
I had to get him in the mood to open his gifts. He's two, and doesn't quite get the meaning of 'birthday gifts'. It took him a while to understand that he needed to open the gifts, and not play with them. I'm sure he'll catch on real quick next year. 
Notice that he's on my bed opening gifts. I know...not your normal place to open gifts huh? 

 Although he officially turned two on the ninth, we decided to wait until my husband had a day off this past week to take him to the Philadelphia Zoo. It was a beautiful fall day to go. There were not too many people which was kind of nice. We were able to take pictures without waiting for someone to move out of the way, or have other people's kids intervene while I'm taking pictures. 

 Noah LOVES zoos! He LOVES animals. He shows such interest and compassion for them. He's beginning to talk more, and his sentences are beginning to make sense. He especially loved this Red Panda. Their color is much brighter in person.
SEALS! Noah LOVES them! He was running back and forth while they were being playful in the water. For a moment he stood still and just stared at them playing around. 

I think we wore him out by the time the zoo closed. We had a great time. I treasure these moments, and always want to remember this day. After all..he'll only be two for a year. 
 Happy Birthday Noah! 
I know you probably won't remember this day, but hopefully by having looked at these photos they'll spark a memory. 

We love you!

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