Wednesday, January 10, 2018

An Inspirational Thought On Motherhood.

"Mothers decide to stay home not just because they are tired of juggling family and career; not just because they want to "be there" for the first word and the first step; not just because they have found that a rich home life requires persistent personal investment.

They want to be home because in some quiet moment caring for their children, they have suddenly experienced the vastness, the intricacies the delicate nature of this work. While performing some entirely routine act of nurturing they have unexpectedly stumbled on a moment of insight so luminous as to reveal with imposing clarity that the greatest opportunity for success they might ever have is nestled right there in their arms.

And in the midst of a thousand previous assumptions about life and love, in an instant that no one else can measure or see, they decided that this uncertain business of trying to guide childish innocent into adult wisdom is an art worthy of extraordinary exertion and time."

When I read that excerpt from Linda Burton's book I felt 110% confident knowing that I have been nurturing and raising my kids for the past 18 years without feeling any guilt of working outside the home. 

It has been almost 18 years since I decided to stop working to raise my kids, and even though they are all in school full time I find my days busy in finding ways to serve in my community as well as having time to actually "be" there for my kids when they get home from school. 

Whether it's taking them to the ortho, dentist, doctor appointments, chaperoning, and volunteering when they have field trips. Sick, sick, sick... I love that I am able to be there for them, and do those things while not longing to be in a workplace. 

My environment, and time at this moment is at home, and being a revolving door that constantly gets me in and out of the house with carpooling and what not, and I don't mind it one bit! 

Here's to another year of being a stay at home momma! 

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