Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Uinta Mountains in 2001.

The type of weather that is currently happening right now totally reminds me of the weather I once experienced in the mountains while living in Utah. You know, the kind of weather where the snow has hardened up, and is pretty much frozen solid on the ground with the right temperature where all you need is a fleece jacket, or a warm sweater. That's how it feels right about now, and oh how I long to go for a drive up to the Uinta mountains right about now!
The Poconos in our neck of the woods are great and all and will do since Utah is further in distance, but Utah was the first state I ventured out to where I experienced "real mountains", got married, and really "lived" my life since leaving my home town in Texas. 
With the bomb cyclone we just had you'd think that I would be sick of snow, and for the most part I am but when you have young kids, and a young heart those feelings of nostalgia kick in and all I want to do is look back and remember, and act "as if" we are still living those moments. In spite of all the challenges I faced in Utah (and there were quite a few) the beehive state will always have a special place tucked in my heart. And so will this moment in the Uinta Mountains.
Here's to nostalgia, and all the memories these two little girls gave me at a time when I needed them the most! You can read more throwback posts here, herehere, and here.

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