Tuesday, January 2, 2018

D.C. Temple Lights On The Coldest Weekend of 2017!

Going to D.C. to see the temple lights on the coldest weekend of 2017 was worth it. We couldn't let the year pass us by without keeping tradition. Since we missed out on going to the temple in December (dang you broken finger)  driving to D.C. to see the temple lights and all the nativities is the closest peaceful feeling in keeping the spirit during the holidays, and hopefully keeping it with us throughout the new year.

We love the temple, and attend pretty often, but December was a busy month for Jon since his work kept him out until 10p.m at night delivering your packages via UPS!! Peak season is done, and with it being a new year plan to go this weekend! 
We took a few photos, and because it was frigid cold didn't take too many. My fingers were too cold to come out of my coat pockets, but here are a few cute ones that I took, and didn't really edit them because of the way the lights lit so no filter!

The last weekend of 2017 at the DC temple was the best, and I'm happy we kept tradition and went. Sad that they will be taking the lights down, but happy to have made it to remember what is most important and to carry it on in the new year! I know that by going to the temple even if it's just to see the lights and walk the temple grounds definitely bonds us as a family. 
Families are forever! 

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