Friday, January 5, 2018

A "Bomb Cyclone" In Jersey.

Well, the first snow of the year was pretty intense and bitter, bitter cold with sub 0 temps compared to Jonas in 2016 & Stella last year. this bomb cyclone literally mind "blowing" but we came out of it unscathed. The plows did a good job on clearing up the streets, and main highway because at the last minute I had to make a Walmart run to buy some food that I can actually cook for the kids. As much as I dislike freezing temps, and sometimes driving in it,  there is something about freshly dropped snow that is so beautiful.

Mother Nature was pretty clever in creating this bomb cyclone where for the first time in my life the kids were not wanting to go outside to play. Luckily snow had to be shoveled and Lexie and Noah volunteered to help out. Their fingers were cold to the bone even with gloves on, but managed to clear the driveway for me. We braved the cold temperatures for like five minutes, and I captured a few moments with them. They are such good sports and very agreeable when it comes to doing what I ask!

Although freezing cold those few minutes experiencing our first bomb cyclone was pretty magical! So grateful for these memories we are making even though they lasted for five seconds in a picture! Also grateful for hot chocolate, snuggles,  warm throws, and Downton Abbey that got us through this day!

Now, for another snow day with no school, and a long weekend! Stay warm east coasters, and have a great weekend wherever you are! 

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