Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor day on a rainy day.

Overcast skies didn't stop us from setting foot onto wet ground to venture out on what I call the last day of summer. Unfortunately my better half had to work today so the girls and I were contemplating on what to do after he left to go labor (frowning face.)

We were really craving Sonic burgers, and pebbled ice drinks.

See...the thing is that these Sonic drive in restaurants are not surviving in South Jersey or even in Philly, and we were trying to figure out which ones might still be in business.

We have driven to many in the Philly area, and half of them are closed down, but we didn't attempt to go to Philly today. Since the one in Vineland is closest to us we decided to drive over there. I had a feeling they were closed down, but we went anyway. As we arrived we learned that they did in fact close down.

After we learned that they were closed I remembered going to one outside of Sea Isle City, but couldn't find it on google maps. I gave up, went rogue, and just drove. I'm glad I didn't listen to that feeling because on our way to find a Sonic we ended up finding the nicest waterfront. So naturally the kids and I decided to get down and take a few pictures.

Too bad we didn't have our suits on otherwise we would have jumped in the water. There were a few people jumping into the water from their boats and it sure looked like fun.

Then we found a Sonic!

 We made it just in time for 'Happy Hour'. Noah and I were 'happy' to be drinking our cherry limed drinks with pebble ice. 
Although there are other burger chains such as Five Guys, Shake Shack, and your regular fast food chains in our area we were really craving Sonic, and luckily we were guided to one. Hey, along with Whataburger, I grew up with Sonic so I appreciate this drive in, and if my kids are craving it I am determined to find one even if its an hour away, and...

I didn't mind at all.

School doesn't start until Thursday so that gives us two more days to spend precious time together. Rain is still in the forecast, but that is not going to put a damper on our days.

Remember what I wrote yesterday...Each day I wake up I am making the choice to have a great day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor day whether rain or shine! 

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