Thursday, September 27, 2012

the ability to create the greatest gift.

There are things in life money can't buy. Happiness being one of them. We have to create it. We need not only have the desire to create it, but to have the ability as well.

Luckily for us there is a place where the desire to create happiness increases, & if we allow it...the ability to gain it is up to us.

That place is the LDS temple, & I think we are all capable of that ability.

This past week even on my 41st birthday the days have been a-okay! Except for was phenomenal.

Attending the temple with one of my long time dearest friends was the icing on the cake. Most of us would rather attend the temple with our husbands instead of our girlfriends, but you know what...I needed this, we both did.

Sometimes we need that girl time. We need to reminisce of days of old as if it were a verbal journal to talk about how we started out as single rookies in an unfamiliar church to converting into compassionate, hard working loving moms.

We need that girl time to discuss the needs & dramas of our children mom to mom, and to convey those needs to our Heavenly Father in hopes that we receive answers to our prayers.

We need that girl time to discuss those spiritual needs as to how we can become a better wife & mother.

We did just that, and left the temple feeling more confident with a heart full of love, & seeing things in a different perspective.

I am so grateful to know that we are never alone when "life" hits us in the face, and that the need for constant spiritual nourishment is only two hours away.

I'm grateful for the ability to have those feelings, and to make choices in life such as finding the time to attend the temple.

That is what makes me who I am today in the forty first year of my life, and why I attend.

I attend in hopes that I will reflect God's countenance to others. I attend in hopes that in the midst of trials I can handle them & be strengthened by them.

I attend because I need that constant reminder to know that I am loved by a wonderful Prince who brings peace into my life.

I attend because I'm not perfect.

With all the turmoil that surrounds us in our daily lives we can create happiness, and share it with others.

Temple day with my dear friend on her birthday was the best gift she could give me for my birthday!

On this day she created happiness on my behalf, & that was the greatest gift of all.

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