Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Loving the train phase.

I love this age. The toddler years are indeed my favorite...especially when it comes to having a boy. I have my share of also spending time with our girls, but this kid...he's awesome! 

He keeps me active, and the knowledge for raising a boy becomes broader, and the toy obsession becomes bigger. He is in love with trains! Throughout the entire summer he watched Polar Express at least once a day...sometimes twice (except when we were out of town.) I couldn't resist his face every morning when he'd wake up to say, "I want to watch the "choo choo" mommy...pleeeze." So adorable!!

This morning I took him out for a walk, and we went to the bike path where the red caboose stands. He loves it there! He can hang around the caboose all day with Thomas and drag him through rocks, dirt, and lots of leaves. 

With the fall weather slowly creeping in on us it is the perfect time to venture out, and to enjoy the sounds of autumn. It is the perfect time where the weather feels just right to feel the wind mixed with a bit of moisture blowing through our faces.
I love the train phase that our son is going through, and the changing of the season as well. The sounds of autumn are off to a pretty good start, and that makes me happy.


  1. Rose, you will have to go stay at the Red Caboose in PA. It is definitely not a deluxe place, but the little kids would love it. Check it out.

    1. Thanks Jill! I'll keep that place in mind when we go to PA!

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