Saturday, September 29, 2012

sans bambino

This is my life right now...

"Mom, what's for dinner?" "Mom, whens dad going to be home?" "Mom, I have a tennis match, then I have to get ready for tonight's football game."Mom, my violin lesson falls on the same night as her game." "Mom, I'm going to need this for my spanish class." "Mom, the money has to be turned in by the end of the week." Mom, I need to talk to you about ****and how I found a solution to hopefully fix the situation." "Mom, I need you." Mom, mom, mom...

In the midst of all these questions with the words please, and thank you in between Noah is quietly entertaining himself in the background...then Chelsea decides to take away his favorite toy. "No!!!!! Stop!!!! are the words that came out of Noah's mouth. I turn around and Chelsea has this innocent look on her face. I know she was the culprit of that little incident. I try to be as patient as possible, and I look at her with a stern look on my face hoping she got the message. Then I hear those cries, and the taunting starts up again. I finally pull Noah and Chelsea aside to tell both of them to settle down. I tell Chelsea that she needs to watch the things she says and does because Noah is mocking her every move. All the questions, and reprimanding stop for just a while, and then it resumes in spurts the following week.

Does this daily routine relate to any of you?

Not long ago I never thought that date nights would be so crucial in my life until now. I'm the type of mother that absolutely loves having our kids hanging around with us, but I have long since realized that we need that "alone time" as parents...especially when our four children depend on us every week 24/7 to be there for them through words, and actions.

I can't even begin to tell you how date nights are so necessary right now. Last night my better half and I had the time of our lives. We kept our date simple, and drove to Sonic for some grub. He fed me an Oreo blast, and we were acting goofy taking pictures. He is such a good sport when it comes to that.
We were laughing, kissing, and dancing in the car while listening to 80's and 90's music from our iPhone. We talked about how much we love our kids, but that being away from them is a good thing too. I used to feel so guilty when I used to leave them with alone with a sitter, or even with my in laws! Now I am more confident because I have two self sufficient daughters who are very responsible when it comes to baby sitting, and am willing to go out on more date nights. Possibly even going away for the weekend!

Last night I felt completely transformed, and looked at life in the home front in a different perspective. When I arrived home life was kind. I was more patient, and easily relaxed. I looked at our children with starry eyes, and thanked our oldest daughters for tending to Noah & Chelsea. I continued to chat with them about the evening, and even though Chelsea was a little grumpy because it was really late, my sanity was in tact and her grumpiness didn't involve raising my voice.

Bottom line...I was rejuvenated!

Our kids are our life, and I know that they rely on us every day when they come home to ask about their day. With four children involved with so much in their life, and with all that goes on in church, and at school they need us to be there for them. They need us to be strong, keen, and alert. They need us to put our listening ears on, and to be patient so that we can hear their news for the day. They need us to be the example of strength, and endurance so that they will be able to handle any trials that come their way.

The hour drive home gave us so much to discuss, and cleared our minds for what to expect next week, and as long as we have our date nights, and trips to the temple I have faith that we'll be okay.

I absolutely loved our evening, and I am so grateful that my better half got the time off to spend it with me. Even though he says I needed this more than anything...he needed this too. 

We both did.

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