Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sibling without the rivalry

It's such a wonderful sight watching these two play well together. Whether it's with his legos or playing "Diner" with her food. It's not often that these two sit calmly, happily playing together. That is until one tests the other. These two continue to have a love/annoying relationship. I could write the word hate, but that's a little harsh because I know deep down they really do love each other. 
See...look how much fun they are having.
I believe that raising children between the ages of two and eight can be the most trying. I'm speaking about our kids. It's amazing how different each child comes into our life with their own personality. Our two older daughters have never had one altercation...they are now 12 and 17 and are the best of friends. Believe it or not...they were, and are still easy to raise.

The two youngest...that's a whole different story.

They are my children of humility.

Whether it's Noah or Chelsea starting the teasing they both get repromanded. It's not easy trying to get these two to settle down while driving in the car. Sometimes I'll look through the rearview mirror and give them this dour look, and tell Chelsea to move to the back of the van. It  usually works, but then Noah will sometimes fuss for her to come back up front just so he can continue to pull on her hair.

Now this doesn't happen all the time, but I know that there have been moments in which she starts teasing him first, and with the strong personality that Noah has he will retaliate (in a not-so-good-playful way.)

If I had these two first who knows what level my patience would have been. Probably a zero! I'm so thankful that the Lord knows what we could handle at a certain time in our life, and that he brought these two precious children after I had their two older sisters.

God has a great timetable and I am grateful for this time in my life to enjoy the different personalities in all of our children, and to try my best to be patient, to teach them to love deeply, and that teasing and fighting is not necessary. It's natural for siblings to tease, but not when it starts getting out of hand. As a mother you just got to put your foot down- otherwise they will never get the message.

Overall they are great kids, and in the end have a lot of love to give.
And they always make up. 
That is the best part of being a sibling.

(I should know because I was the same way with my sister!)

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