Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Remembering past Halloweens

It amazes me how quickly time flies, and how much our kids have grown in the past five years. I always try to make Halloween fun for our kids, and looking back at these photos, and remembering those Halloween evenings tells me that they indeed had fun!
Aargh, pirates! circa-2007
going to the opera, circa-2008
Witches, circa-2009
bumblebee, and Miss Utah, circa-2010
Most of my friends started blogging back in 2005, and since I started in 2011 these pictures didn't make it into "a" blog. You can read about our Halloween last year here, but everything that I documented about our girls for the past 15 years is in a pile of scrapbooks. It's been nice having a computer now in which I can blog about our family, and anything that inspires me.

One of our greatest blessing for all of us was adding Noah to our family!

He sure has been a blessing to us all and continues to do so with his sweet personality!
One of these days I'll compile all of their photos, and make a video out of them. For now...they have their scrapbooks, and this blog to read.
Sierra going green, & a one year old Noah-2010
Due to Hurricane Sandy trick our treating has been postponed until Friday, and our trunk or treat for our church is next Tuesday! That's okay...we will enjoy this day anyway, and that gives me more time to prepare for trick or treaters as well as figuring out Lexie's costume! Noah and Lexie are all ready, and so is Sierra!

Hope everyone has a happy, and safe Halloween wherever you are!

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