Monday, July 16, 2012

nature walk.

The more I go for walks on the bike trail the more I love the borough we live in, and we have been doing a lot of that lately. The trail is 2.7 miles long, but when I have the two younger ones we usually walk a mile and a half of it. As long as we have our water in hand we have no problem making it back home.

Throughout our walks the girls and I were discussing how sometimes it feels as if we are still living in North Carolina, or hiking through parts of Oregon while walking through the path. To me there are parts of Jersey that don't seem like they belong, but I feel privileged that we do have a nice scenic route, and it is only a few blocks away from our home.
Like the beach, the path is a place where you feel at peace, but without the crashing of the waves. It's so serene to see a small stream flowing as you stand from the bridge, to hear birds chirping, and watching little squirrels climbing trees. 
Little did I know that this was an abandoned railroad trail, and all that is left is this red restored caboose. I'm beginning to think that there is more to life in Jersey, and that I am just now really appreciating what our historic town has to offer. We are going on our fifth year living here, and the more I go out and explore our little borough by foot...the more we appreciate living here.

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