Monday, July 30, 2012

a desire to run.

Is it me or does everyone want to be a runner?

I just finished the book "Run Like a Girl" and I already want to read it again! Lately I find myself reading books about running, and thinking to myself, "can I actually start running, and attempt to do a 5k, 13, or 26.2 marathon in my 40's?" Or should I just stick to walking three times a week with a little tennis, and a side of yoga. A triathlon is out of the question because I'll have to learn how to swim first! Funny how I love the beach, and swimming in pools, but don't swim very well!

Well, after reading Run Like a Girl it has given me the motivation to seriously start putting my words into action, and to just do it. I got my old New Balance shoes out of the closet, and I am going to put them to good use. As you can see they are still in pretty good condition.
So last night my daughter had asked me that she wants to begin our morning walks (in her case jogs) with me. Of course I said yes, so this morning my oldest daughter and I woke up bright and early to begin our workout.

She got home from girls camp this past Saturday, and on their hikes walked at least six miles a day. This has given her preparation for tennis practice which starts up in a couple of weeks. She will be my running partner at least until school resumes.
Running is like a drug for some of us, a constant need that if we go without we become cantankerous. Although I have great things in my life which keeps me grounded such as the gospel, being active in the church I attend, blogging, and raising a family, I want to do something physically fit that will keep me happy and healthy. I feel that in order to be a good mother finding balance is key, and crucial into living a happy, and healthy life.

"We need to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit if we are to be the best mothers we can be."
~Lisa, literary agent, marathon runner, and mother of two. 

The book was life changing for me. There were true stories that were told from women of all ages. They discussed all the different sports they were in from kayaking, karate, rowing, swimming, archery, mushing, skate-skiing among others, and how it influenced their lives. All of them had some sort of obstacle or challenge that encouraged them to do a marathon, triathlon, and to do the sport they love out of their heart, and for the right reason. It helped me to look at life's challenges in a different perspective, and helped me realize that we are never too old to try something new. No matter how busy I get with our children, or how life's stresses get in the way, I want to be able to have a physical outlet to keep me strong in living a long, and healthy life. It also gave me insight on how every woman dealt with challenges, whether it was learning to balance their life, to endure, to succeed, and how doing the sport they love helped them to better their life.

I heard about the book Mile Markers about a year ago through Facebook from a friend, and when I looked it up online it sounded interesting. Although it's been a year since I've owned that book I haven't quite finished it yet, but what I've read so far reads like a blog with interesting entries. When I found out about the book at that time I wasn't as eager for my body to start something new. I had just picked up yoga again after having Noah, and didn't want to overwork my body with trying to do something that my body hasn't done since high school.

I have never been the athletic one in the family. My brother and sister were heavily into sports, and till this day my sister still keeps active by running, and goes on a 4 mile bike ride at least 3-4 times a week. I remember having to run numerous laps on the track in order to get a passing grade. I loathed it, and tried out for Drill team. Although drill team wasn't a sport it sure gave me a work out of stretching out my muscles, and kicking to high heaven. It was a great experience, and I loved it. 

I now have more of a desire to finish the book than I did then. I've always had an itch to run, but was nervous due to having weak ankles. I think I just need to build up my stamina again, and do my best. It won't kill me if I never run a marathon, but I would like to at least try, and start running at a pace that is comfortable for me. Having two active daughters who love sports, and a sister who is active at 43 years of age, (and looks great by the way) are great examples in my life of wanting to do something that'll keep physically fit, and help lead a life of longevity.

Reading these books, and seeing others on the bike trail pounding on concrete rain, snow, or shine has given me the motivation to try a little harder, and the determination to be like Nike, and "just do it." Sports may have never been a close friend in the past, but is sure going to be a great friend now!

I'd like to end this post with a verse from "Run like a Girl"...this quote is a gem.

"No matter how young-or less young-we are; no matter what life is throwing at us-from career pressures and new family, to disease and death--we can find our place in sports, and sports can find a place in our lives. Not only that, we will reap the rewards of its antioxidizing, de-stressing, energizing effects. Instead of feeling like the crunchy, worn-out waistband of our favorite decade-old pair of running shorts, we can be as resilient as elastic so fresh it leaves red lines on our skin. Snap! That's the sound effect of sports in our life. Not to mention the bonus feature--yes, I'm back on that hobby horse again-happiness."
Dara Torres~41 year old silver medalist in swimming (2008 Olympics)

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