Tuesday, November 3, 2015

70 Degrees In November.

The autumn season is indeed the shortest, and most colorful season of the year. The colors of fall are exquisite and unique, and I really don't want these trees to change in color anytime soon.   
Noah and I have been taking advantage of the weather by going on morning walks before school. As soon as everyone has left the house my energy is too pumped up to go back to sleep, or lounge around so on the days that I feel pretty good we'll head on down to the bike trail for a stroll. The brake on his scooter broke so we have been doing more walking than scooting. He can still ride it, but has to be careful not to go too fast, and he's one that loves riding that thing at 25 miles an hour! I know winter is going to be arriving at any moment so my days of being outdoors are very few that is until a snow fall hits. 
So far we've been lucky to be having 70 degree weather without any snowstorms or hurricanes! And although the lows at night can get down to 48 we still manage to get away by bundling up with warm blankets without turning on the heater. 

But all of that is going to end soon and then we'll be cozying up on the couch drinking hot chocolate, and looking outside only to see that the leaves have fallen to the ground leaving nothing but bare trees. A true sign that winter is a hop, skip, and a jump away! 
Just as I'm taking advantage of my mornings with Noah, when Jon has a day off we rarely ever stay indoors. This weather is just too beautiful, too gorgeous to pass us by being hermits so we decided to go for a drive to Princeton today to check out the fall foliage on campus. 
Nassau street reminds me of a mini central park with the aligned trees, and wide open space inside the campus. It's breathtaking, and the walks are so peaceful.
The architecture on the old buildings is very nostalgic, and I just love that old school feeling when it comes to big, tall buildings.
Day dates in the fall with Jon, and morning walks with Noah have been the highlights of my days lately especially with all the good weather we've been having, and I truly don't want them to end. I know we can do that in all seasons, but there's something special, and unique about autumn. Somehow it brings us a new beginning and prepares us for the next season. Because fall is the shortest month of all seasons I think that's why it's so different. How we see it, and treat it. Next to spring Autumn is definitely the most beautiful, and vibrant in color. I will miss all things fall such as beautiful colored mums, and pumpkins sitting perfectly on a stoop or porch. 

I treasure every minute of my life with the things that I do, and how i live each day. So grateful for opportunities like this, and for Jon and I to have at least three hours of alone time on the days that he's off. I feel so special when he wants to do something nice for me, and doing something as simple as going for a drive, and walking through such a beautiful campus was good enough for me! I am hanging on to fall as long as she is here!

I also love this quote:

"I think the thing about fall is that we know it won't last. A few weeks and it's gone. It's the shortest of the seasons; easily the most brilliant and most beautiful. I've always felt the the true beauty of autumn lies in its shortages, in its rarity. The fact that it's the one time we're all able to see so safely and clearly how much beauty there truly is in a natural death. In aging, the heart dries to dormancy right before our eyes, and it's the most gorgeous thing to behold. It isn't till she's long past her prime that our earth is at her most dazzling. Isn't that something? Easily the most blessed reassurance of them all." 
~Natalie Holbrook

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