Clearview Farm in Sterling, Massachusetts.

Fall is the BEST time to go to New England so we are taking full advantage of this season by venturing out to familiar places we've been, and exploring unknown places we've never been. There was so much we did this past weekend so I may write about it in a few posts. 

I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to because we were only there for two days, and didn't want my phone glued to my hand. I captured a few moments of the kids as we walked down acorn street, and toured a few spots around New England as well as capturing fall in all its beauty. We plan on going again for Noah's birthday weekend and the fact that there is no school for two days will give us more time to venture out to more places in New England. 

We had such a grand time, and want to share a few photos of how lovely New England is this time of year. 

Pumpkin patches have become addictive in this family, and we have been to so many, but this small quaint farm caught our eye as we were driving through Worcester. We had to make stop, and because we woke up to 45 degree weather on Sunday morning couldn't help but to stop by, and see if they had any hot apple cider, and donuts also cause we were hungry. 

And they did.

 We walked around the farm while the kids drank hot their apple cider, and I as always took pictures. 
It seems as if mother nature skipped autumn and brought a little bit of winter this past weekend, but nonetheless we had a good one, and hope y'all did too! 

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