Salem In October!

Going to Salem village in October was pretty crazy with all the crowds, carnivals, and festivals that were going on. I didn't realize how crowded, and crazy it gets up this time of year, but that's what happens when Salem is infamous for the witch trials, Hocus Pocus, and Stephen King. 

I am so glad that we came here to witness, and experience all that is Salem, but in all honesty not something I want to come during the Halloween season! Too many people, and not so kid friendly. They did have a carnival a few blocks away from the festival, but didn't want to spend too much time or money on something we can easily do at home! Sorry Noah!

We did check out a couple of shops, and walked around smelling all the good food they were cooking. No, not witches brew! 
We went to the Old burying point cemetery where the kids seemed borderline possessed where I captured a quick glimpse of them! Really they were hangry, and all they wanted to do was grab a bite to eat! That's what happens when all you do is walk around on an empty stomach because there were no snacks in the car while driving up here! Hashtag mom fail!

I didn't take too many photos this trip, but next time we plan on coming to Salem when it's not October so we can take our time getting familiar with the town, without the crowds, studying, touring, and learning all about Salem. 
But if you're one serious witch then this is the perfect place for you to come any time of the year! 

Happy Halloween! 

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