Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf!

Happy Halloween everybody! I can't believe we are at the end of October, and that another Halloween is happening! I still remember last years halloween and feel as if we all celebrated it yesterday. It's such a fun holiday, and since we've moved have really gotten into the halloween spirit. Maybe it's because our street is decked out with spooks, and neighbors who actually know how to do halloween! 

This year Chelsea had an idea about dressing up as little red riding hood. She's always wanted to wear a red cloak, and dress and figured she'd better dress up as her before she gets older. I personally don't think age matters when it comes to costumes, but when it comes to little red riding hood I think a red cloak will look much cuter on a young girl as opposed to someone me! Nah, I'm not that old! I still wouldn't dress up as her though!

Last Saturday we woke up to rainy weather, and decided to have the kids dress up so I can take some pictures. I was so excited about this mini photo shoot that I did with the kids that I took way too many photos! The rain, and windy weather brought beautiful fall foliage, and gave such a cool effect to the whole ambiance of what Little red riding hood went through in the woods. Even though Noah's first choice of costume was Optimus he gave in and agreed to be the big bad wolf for her. He figured he can wear his Optimus costume to his party which he went to last Saturday, and to his party at school today. I think they are a perfect match, and make the cutest pair! 
I bought an extra wolf mask just in case Noah wanted to wear that instead of his hat, but instead had Jon wear it for photos! I happened to be wearing my red coat when I was taking pictures, and figured it was a perfect moment to hold Chelsea's basket, and take a photo with papa wolf! 
I captured more photos of the kids with him too. We had so much fun taking these, and I love that I have such fun, silly kids who are willing to let me still take their picture. They are getting older, and so far don't mind the fact that I love to capture them in action, and tell them where to stand for a photo!
So blessed to have these two goofballs left in the house to be spooked with, and hope that they never outgrow Halloween because I certainly haven't! 

Have a safe evening everyone! 

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