New York in October!

I have to tell ya each year for us Halloween just gets better and better. Even though these kids are getting up there in age they still make this holiday fun! I love that Chelsea is 13.5 years old and still likes to go trick or treating with us. All of my girls were like that until they left for college. I am hoping that these two will continue to celebrate Halloween every day in many different ways. Whether it's going on simple walks to see Halloween decorations, pumpkin picking, or going to sleepy hollow

Earlier in the week we decided to take a walk along the upper west side to check out some brownstones, and we found this one all decked out with amazing Halloween decor. I love how the upper west decorates their brownstones. There aren't too many decorated yet, but I'll tell ya if I lived in this area I would definitely be decorating my place. Whether it's a brownstone like this or a tiny apartment in the basement I would go all out because....Halloween! 
I captured a few photos of the kids, and as usual they oblige. They absolutely love the city. I think they are the only two of my kids who would love to live in Manhattan. Sierra and Lexie are Brooklyn gals all the way! Anyway, we had so much fun on our walk. The weather was perfect for a sweater, and just being in the city always gives us a vibe so deep that it energizes us to do more and walk 25 blocks! 
Noah especially gives me so much energy. He could have walked an extra 20 blocks if I let him, but we had to get home! It was such an awesome day and evening in the city. There are days when I feel I can live in the city, and days where living an hour away is better. Honestly, I'm just grateful we are close enough to come here, and venture out any time we'd like! 
It most definitely was a fun day in the city looking at all the nicely decorated brownstones. Upper west side sure knows how to get in the Halloween spirit! Fall is definitely our favorite time of year! 

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