General Conference- Fall, 2018.

Every six months I look forward to watching general conference which is a worldwide broadcast given by my church live from Salt Lake City. This particular conference was epic, and different in many ways. Different because I have dwindled down to having one daughter left in my nest to attend conference with, and it was pretty wonderful! Although I miss having her sisters watching both general & women's conference with us, I am so fortunate to have Chelsea by my side to watch the women's session with me so we can both share in the joy, and spirit that it brings together.

And our sweet little boy who loves going to the church to watch conference! 

Epic because this particular conference was indeed a historical event! 

Women's conference will be a lasting memory for me. Hearing multiple messages about the essential roles women play in making a difference in the world was empowering. Messages of hope, and ministering to those we love. Reminders to listening to that still small voice in never postponing a prompting. Invitations to come back to church for those who no longer come. You are always, always welcomed! Expressing gratitude, and being selfless in serving, and giving without expecting anything in return. Being kind, and loving one another no matter what. Forgiveness and forsaking. Reminders anchored in the gospel, and attending the temple, and walking on a covenant path. 
I'm especially grateful that my lovely sister-in-law, and mother-in-law had tickets to the women's session and took Lexie to watch it at the conference center. Such a blessing, and I wish we could be in that picture with them. Sierra had to work so she obviously will watch it online, but I am so glad that Lexie got to share in this historical event with her grandma and auntie em! 

President Russell M. Nelson is definitely a doer in every aspect of prophetic leadership. He is so humble, and makes general conference sing with that smile of his. I love how he spoke to us in many of the sessions. I am so thankful to have him as our prophet today, and will be signing off social media for a while. 

I may still blog from time to time, but am accepting the challenge and 4-part invitation that was extended by him. Obedience brings blessings, and The Lord has never failed me when I do. 

Part of the invitation was a 10 day fast from social media, and to eliminate any negativity that comes from social media. I pretty much already did that a week ago, but it was so nice to hear it come from the prophet! As much as I love following certain blogs, and Instagram pages I cleaned up who I follow on my social media. I realized at one point that I was following at least 600 accounts, and now I follow a little over 200. Time is everything and it was such a relief, and I don't scroll through Instagram as much anymore. I love the app, and will on occasion click over to certain accounts I don't follow, but every now and then I'll check up on their updates. Same with Facebook. One day I'll probably deactivate it, or delete it completely, but it's a nice way to keep in touch with friends from long ago. So I am extremely thankful for President Nelson to have invited me to do this because it felt so good refreshing, and cleaning up my social media life! 

Reading the Book of Mormon between now and the end of the year. I love the scriptures, and reading with my family, but I find there are days where I don't study them completely and fully by myself.  I know it's good to read a verse from the scriptures, but I'd like to read more than that! I will do better in immersing myself fully in reading the scriptures on my own. It took me three months to read the book of mormon upon joining the church, and if I did that 26 years ago I can do it again! 
Attending the temple regularly. This is something that I absolutely DO NOT take for granted. I love the temple, and will make time to go. It truly is a place of peace where one desires answers, and all of life's struggles disappear. At least for that moment in the temple, and when you leave, depending on how we take what we learned, and felt inside is how we will handle those life's struggles. I love that it gives me strength, and the will to know that I am a fighter, and that I can do hard things, and handle any trial that comes my way! 

Participate fully in Relief Society. I love my sisters, and miss my sisters from the various wards, and states I've lived in, and know that when I am active in it that the love I have for my sisters is genuine, and my compassion for them grows even more. 
He also announced 12 temples to be built! What a wonderful surprise to give at the end of general conference! I know that the people of those 12 cities are jumping for joy! He also mentioned that the salt Lake temple will be renovated! Not sure for how long, but it'll probably be closed for a couple of years! This temple holds a special place in my heart because it is the temple Jon and I were sealed in! I am so glad we got to visit our beautiful temple when we were in Utah over the summer! 

What a wonderful gift I have from The Lord. To know that I belong to a church I love, and although I'm not perfect attend with my family on a weekly basis. To know that God lives, and because of Him that my strength in being active comes from His grace. This is my hope for everyone who has drifted away from the Lord. It's never too late to come back! You are always welcome to enter, and worship with us. Whether your a member, or not, active, or less active, please come. The Lord loves each and every one of us no matter what, and He will never leave you astray! 

Take care, and have a nice week, and a nice break from social media! 

**In case you missed conference you can watch all sessions here.

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